New washing instructions fabric Kiss


Dear Customer,

Clarification regarding the Kiss fabric;

The Kiss fabric is still washable from the supplier, but Burhéns takes no responsibility or complaints for field-washed cases. Unfortunately, we see that we get too many complaints on the Kiss fabric for incorrect washing. Complaints are something we want to avoid and therefore we have decided to change the laundry council to:

Dry Cleaning

At your own risk the following washing instructions apply:

Machine wash max 30 °. Turn the lining out and in to reduce wear.
Use a mild PH friendly detergent, but not too much, which causes the lens to bleach.
Follow the machine’s instructions for maximum weight, because a over-filled washing machine may cause creases and white streaks.
Do not leave the fabric in the machine, remove it immediately, plan dry and stretch the fabric in wet conditions.
May shrink max 2%.
Natural materials like cotton and linen will always bleach a little in the wash.

Too much, too strong detergent and high temperature will cause the fabric to bleed and the color will come out of the fabric. Letting the fabric lie in the machine causes it’s wrinkles and white lines.

We apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

With kind regards

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